Finding Help for Aging Parents or Family in South Florida

A private geriatric care manager is one of the most helpful services available for families with aging loved ones.

A geriatric care manager makes an assessment of a person’s medical condition and monitors their medical status. As a person’s health declines it may be necessary to arrange for long-term care. Long-term care can consist of help in one’s home or placement in an assisted living facility or nursing home. Everyone’s goal is to receive care in the least restrictive environment. Geriatric care managers are skilled at making these determinations. Geriatric care managers are also available to look in on a person to be sure that they are eating, that the home is neat and clean, that the person is neat and clean, and that any services they need are being provided. This is a particularly desirable service if there are no children living nearby.

Professional Geriatric Care Managers (PGCMs) are health and human services specialists who help families care for older relatives, while encouraging as much independence as possible. The PGCM may be trained in any of a number of fields related to long-term care, including, but not limited to, nursing, gerontology, social work, or psychology, with a specialized focus on issues related to aging and elder care. The PGCM acts as a guide and advocate — identifying problems and offering solutions, from assessment of an aging parent’s needs to addressing the life change of a family affected by Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s or other complex cognitive or physical health issues.

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