A Geriatric Care Manager from South Florida Goes to Washington

Tomorrow I’m off to Washington to provide testimony to the House Judiciary Committee for their preparation to deal with health care reform. My input will of course focus on elder care and health care for seniors.

Congress has health care reform at the top of their list. This week they will start an intense focus on a complete overhaul of our country’s health-care system. President Obama wants a plan from Congress by August. Because this promise to fix health care was an integral part of his election campaign, it remains one of his top priorities.

Because many seniors are not able to effectively advocate for their own care and navigate an increasingly complex patchwork quilt of care providers, a geriatric care manager may be called in as their advocate. My goal is to provide concrete examples of how and where senior health care can be improved.

My hope is that this information, along with input from other professionals, can empower them to enact reform to make health care more accessible and comprehensive for all Americans, especially our senior citizens. Wish me luck!

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