Geriatric Care Managers in South Florida Can Help Protect Alzheimer Patients’ Financial Welfare

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Protecting Alzheimer patients’ legal, financial welfare

Caregiving experts often advise that after an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, family members meet with an elder law attorney to begin the process of planning for down the road as the illness progresses.

“I don’t think families are well-versed in this,” said Barbara Vogel, program coordinator for the Neuwirth Memory Disorders Program at Hillside Geriatric Center in Glen Oaks. “I don’t think they’re seeking the legal assistance or financial guidance that they need to do this early on so when the time comes they are prepared.”

Instead of doing all of their planning with a lawyer, some caregivers turn to geriatric care managers or social workers who hire themselves out as guides to those attempting to navigate the system. Orlando Gonzalez, 66, and his daughter Kim Latkovich, 38, both of Manorville, paid a social worker $700 and found the experience both cheaper and faster than dealing with an attorney.

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