Talking with Aging Parents about Assisted Living in Florida

How to Talk to Mom & Dad about Assisted Living in Florida

By Marty R. Seigel, CSA, Certified Senior Advisor

There’s no place like home. And trying to convince Dad or Mom that it’s time to look at assisted living options may seem like trying to convince a teenager that she needs a curfew – thank you very much we’re doing just fine.

Here’s a few tips when you feel that it’s time for your parents to consider looking at other senior living options:

1. Exhaust Other Options
Sometimes it’s better to make transitions in stages. Typically, seniors can stay in their own home longer when they receive a little support. A home care aide or companion can assist with chores such as shopping, organizing, and light cleaning. Typically bathing and dressing are the activities of daily living in which seniors first require assistance. Helping Mom & Dad to get some assistance with these daily activities can allow them to extend the years that they can remain safely in their home.

2. Engage Others
Physicians and other professionals can assist with providing encouragement to look at other options. There is a wide variety of high calibre assisted living in Florida, and these communities can provide wonderful opportunities for a “new beginning” later in life. Sometimes the adult children are just too close to the situation. It may be better to engage a third party, such as a professional geriatric care manager, to assess the situation and provide an independent point of view.

3. It’s Not about Them, It’s About You
That’s right – it’s about you taking the “blame” for having this conversation in the first place.  Take the pressure off. Hey Mom & Dad, we’re not having this discussion because “you need it.” I just want to share with you how concerned I am that I live far away (or so busy with my job or dealing with the kids…you get the idea) – and can’t always be there. Whatever you say, it’s not about them needing more help…it’s about you needing peace of mind.  Why?  Because they absolutely do not want you telling them that it’s time for assisted living!  So…remember to take the blame on yourself and say that it simply would make YOU feel so much better knowing that they are being cared for in a safe environment.

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