Home Care Insurance for Seniors in South Florida – Plan Now

91% of Americans surveyed said they would prefer receiving Long Term Care at home.

Indeed, of those needing care only 5% are in Skilled Nursing Facilities.

12% are in Assisted Living Facilities and more than

80% are receiving Home Care

Therefore, it isn’t a surprise that most Long Term Care starts with home care and the help of family or friends until the caregiving burden becomes a too much of a hardship. The next step might be to hire a paid caregiver to help with care duties in the home. Yet many people can’t afford such a luxury, even if they hire unskilled, unlicensed, unsupervised “grey market” caregivers. As care needs increase the next care setting of preference is Assisted Living Facilities, as they are more like hotels than the hospital-type setting of a Skilled Nursing Facility. Most people do everything in their power to stay out of nursing homes, which is one reason why the average nursing home stay is only 2.5 years.

While most Americans suspect that they might need long term care “sometime” in the future, many underestimate care costs and falsely assume that Medicare or their health insurance will pay for extended care at home. They will not. Medicare will only pay for senior home care for a short time and only under specific, limited circumstances. The only government agencies that pay for long term care are Medicaid and the Veteran’s Administration. 

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