Help for Parents in Florida – A Professional Geriatric Care Manager

By Joyce M. Konczyk

Geriatric Care Managers are advocates for seniors and their families and are dedicated to guiding the senior and family as they navigate through the health care system.

Most families truly want to do the best for their seniors, but, without the aid of a knowledgeable professional, they may still feel worried & unsure. Geriatric Care Managers provide the family with peace of mind & the certainty they have done all that they can.

Here is a summary of how to work with a Professional Geriatric Care Manager:
Geriatric Care Managers represent seniors & families. They draw on their senior care industry training & experience to provide professional care planning, care supervision & high quality, cost effective services
• Geriatric Care Managers can help the family communicate sensitive issues to the senior, such as the need for services or the importance of making a move. Also, they help explain the situation to overwhelmed, resistant or in-denial family members.
• Geriatric Care Managers assist in navigating through a variety of services as the client’s circumstances change. They provide continuity & coordination with doctors, home health care agencies & other providers. This includes monitoring & advocating on the senior’s behalf as often as necessary to ensure quality care.

What to look for in a Geriatric Care Manager:• Experience – In your specific area of your need
• Professional Credentials – Are they a Social Worker, Nurse, or other?
• Affiliations – What professional organizations are they affiliated with, does the organization have a code of ethics, is the CM active and respected in these organizations? Example: The National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers (Click Here)
• Clarity regarding the GCM’s fee schedule
• Availability for emergency situations.
Some Geriatric Care Managers are available 24/7, others set more “boundries.”

When to call a Geriatric Care Manager:• When you are overwhelmed with options or do not know where to start your research
• When you are out of town & unable to attend to your loved one’s needs
• When there is a crisis & you need help right away to facilitate change
• When family is conflicted about the direction to take for a loved one’s care
• When an objective opinion is needed to assess a living situation
• When you want a professional to offer an unbiased opinion
• When you are having difficulty communicating with professionals caring for your loved one
• When you are not satisfied with the care your loved one is receiving

The South Florida geriatric care managers at Advocare assist seniors in Palm Beach County, Broward County, and Miami. Visit Advocare’s website: CLICK HERE or contact their office at 888-615-1818.

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