Senior Care Giver Services: When It Becomes Too Much in South Florida

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By Gordon Petten
Caring for an elderly family member can be overwhelming, especially if that family member is unable to live independently. There are many important decisions that must be made, some of which are revised on a daily basis. Caring for an elderly family member takes great commitment, and the ability to expect the unexpected. Often times, however, it becomes too much and families turn to care-giving facilities for assistance.
Since the goal is most often to keep the person at home as long as possible, thus avoiding a residential facility until absolutely necessary, it is a good idea to seek the advice of a care manager. This involves seeking the services of a professional coordinator who helps individuals remain at home or living in the residence of another family member who will assist with home care by addressing all aspects of life. These include: medical care, personal care needs, medication monitoring, home safety, and socialization.
The care manager then coordinates with doctors and other medical professionals, family members, trust officers, accountants, and other important members of the client’s community. The goal of care management is to insure the client receives the necessary care while improving the overall quality of life.
There are many services offered by care management facilities. The first, which is also the first step toward acquiring the necessary home care, is a clinical interview set up between the care manager and the client. The client’s family is also usually present, since various members will likely be helping with the home care process.
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