Geriatric Care Advocates: When Crisis Hits…Who You Gonna Call?

By Marty Seigel, CSA
Certified Senior Advisor

It’s 10:00 pm in the middle of a busy week and you receive a frantic call from your sister. “Dad is at the ER, Mom is terrified, I’m still waiting for a call back from the hospital.” With the kids a thousand miles away and a full blown medical crisis in the making, the family truly needs an advocate.

Fortunately, there are experts available to fill that role. Geriatric Care Advocates (also known as Geriatric Care Managers) are highly trained and certified specialists, typically RN’s or Nurse Practitioners, with comprehensive knowledge of professionals and resources in the community.

The best time to hire a Care Advocate is before a crisis occurs. They will conduct a thorough assessment and provide recommendations regarding medical, psycho-social, personal hygiene, diet, and home safety issues. They visit on a weekly or monthly basis to monitor health and well being, manage medications, and address issues before they become problems. They attend selected doctor visits, advocating to assure seamless communication and compliance with doctors orders.

If a crisis does take place, they have all of the needed information and act as the family’s medical “eyes and ears,” going to the hospital, meeting with doctors and staff, and providing updates to family members. One daughter summed it up: “You cannot imagine the peace of mind having a professional Care Advocate has given us.”

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