The Value of a Team Approach: Use a Home Care Aide and a Professional Geriatric Care Manager

The Value of a Team Approach: Use a Home Care Aide and a Professional Geriatric Care Manager

So, the time has come when hiring a home care aide is necessary to ensure that an aging loved one can continue to live at home. Perhaps they are experiencing dementia, or they have suffered an injury that requires physical care. Maybe you have tried to care for you loved one and have found that there are not enough hours in the day, and you are becoming frustrated. There are many benefits to receiving home care. Not only do family members find comfort in knowing that their loved one is being cared for by a trained professional, but your loved one gets to enjoy the comforts of the home that they cherish.

When the time comes that such care is needed, most families begin by calling area agencies and asking all the questions you are supposed to ask, and generally get the same answers. How do you know what agency to choose? How do you know that the caregiver you are assigned is the kind of person you want caring for your elder? How do you know if what you are paying is reasonable?

At Advocare, we pride ourselves with our South Florida Provider Network. We have already asked all of the questions and scrutinized the credentials of local agencies and caregivers. We know which caregivers are the best, and can advocate that you receive the best of the best. We provide a single point of contact, easing the burden of negotiating care. Best of all, our care management team offers this service free of charge!

To make certain that the home care your loved one receives is of the highest quality, a team approach is recommended. Hiring a Geriatric Care Manager provides accountability. Accountability is incredibly important when direct care is involved. A Geriatric Care Manager oversees the total care of clients, and is in constant communication with direct caregivers. Having and extra set of eyes and ears to coordinate care and to assist should any issues arise is incredibly valuable. If you are an out of town caregiver, then a Geriatric Care Manager is a vital component to the complete care of your aging loved one.

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