What You Don’t Know About Mom-The Value of a Geriatric Assessment

Everyone values and guards their privacy. This is particularly true of aging seniors who may fear loss of control and loss of independence. No one wants to be or feel alone, but there are certain aspects of our lives we (and our aging parents) certainly want left alone. If you are beginning to see signs of disarray, or a feeling that things just aren’t quite right like they used to be, it may be time to seek professional assistance, particularly if your questions are met with annoyance and resistance.

Geriatric Care Managers make it their life’s work to care for and advocate for seniors. With years of experience, study, training and community connections, Geriatric Care Managers know how to ask the questions you may be afraid to. Also, having “seen it all,” they can get to the bottom of what Mom and Dad may be hiding.

Here is how our Geriatric Care Management system at Advocare works:

1. Assessment

A Geriatric Care Manager, or elder care manager conducts a comprehensive, in-person care management assessment. The interview questions will cover medical history, current health and living situation, diet, daily activities, cognitive (memory and thinking skills), finances, insurance and more. Interviews are done with elders and their families (if possible). For family members that live out of town, telephone interviews are conducted.

2. Advise

Your elder care manager creates a customized client Care Plan. The care plan includes the results of the assessment as well as recommendations by the elder care manager. Recommendations are provided in great detail including professional and medical resources in the community to support the needs of the elder. A client care plan will cover a broad range of issues including medical, psycho-social, personal hygiene, diet, home safety and more. The care plan will provide a firm idea of the scope of needed support, which helps the family budget for services.

3. Advocate

Finally, the elder care manager will arrange for needed services. Elder care managers are wonderful sources of information for community services for seniors and their families. South Florida is abundant in these services. The Geriatric Care Managers of Advocare are professionally trained to match the services with the needs of the elder client. For children with busy careers or living out of town while attempting to care for their elderly parents, an elder care manager is an excellent “tool” to help in this burden. Communication between family members improves, communication between services and client improves and most importantly, the elderly parent or loved one receives the best possible care.

Elder care managers continue to monitor the needs of the elder. Elder care managers will schedule regular visits to re-assess and continuously monitor the health and well being of the client. These are needed as changes will continue to progress with both the elder and the family dynamics. As professionals, elder care managers can usually spot issues before they become problems.

Don’t wait to seek professional help if you feel that your aging parents are not living as well as they should be. Visit us at www.caremanage.com to learn more about how we can assist you with the care of Mom and Dad.

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