The Benefits of a Care Advocate for Long Distance Caregivers

A most difficult situation that more and more baby boomers are experiencing is the problem of establishing care for an aging parent who lives out of state. Whether your parents moved to retire, or you have established your own family in another part of the country, families separated by distance are struggling to determine how to care for aging loved ones who are declining mentally and physically. This, on top of dealing with your own medical issues, work and children who may still be living at home or are in college. Dropping everything to fly out to take care of situations exacerbates as well the financial and emotional toll your parents health crisis’ are taking on you and your family. Of course you love your parent(s), and you want to care for them, but moving them or you may be impossible and the current situation isn’t working either.

For aging family members living in South Florida, Advocare can bring you the service and peace of mind you and your family needs. As Geriatric Care Managers in the area for many years, we can bring together all of the resources and medical care your parent needs under one management. We can coordinate services, attend doctors appointments, and monitor all aspects of total care to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. A care manager is there to make sure that medications are in place and followed according to plan, and that the environment in which your loved one is living is safe.

Should your loved one need direct care, we can match your parent with a home care agency that would best care for their needs. Beyond homecare, we are well educated about the many types of care available in the area, whether it be adult day care, assisted living or nursing care. Should it come to that, that a parent would need to move out of their home, we can provide information, assistance and referrals along the way for elder care lawyers, moving services, financial planners, etc.

A care manager who oversees the care of an aging parent allows for you to plan ahead on your visits, and for those visits to be all that they can be. Instead of rushing around and trying to make sure your parents are doing what they are supposed to, you can relax and share your time, enjoying each others company. A care manager as well can be in constant contact with you so that when a crisis may arise, they can determine whether it actually requires your presence.

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