What, if Anything, Can Ward Off Alzheimer’s?

Did you know that Alzheimer’s is the second most feared disease after Cancer? There is good reason to fear, since there is no cure, and no sure way to prevent Alzheimer’s. As of right now, approximately 6 million Americans struggle with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, and that number continues to grow and is anticipated to double or triple over the coming decade. Do you have a parent with Alzheimer’s? Then your risk of developing Alzheimer’s increases. In the face of such dire statistics, what, if anything can be done to possibly lessen the risk of succumbing to this particularly debilitating dementia?

As researchers across the globe vigorously search for clues to cracking the mystery of Alzheimer’s, there are some particular studies that have shown tangible results that may lessen the risk of getting Alzheimer’s.

1. Blood sugar-Did you know that people with diabetes are twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s? Complications that arise with diabetes may damage brain cells and blood vessels that bring nutrients to the brain, and it is plaques that develop in the brain that bring about Alzheimer’s.

2. Exercise-Physical activity is good for the heart and the brain. Exercise can directly benefit brain cells.

3. Cholesterol-High cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease, appear to increase Alzheimer’s risk. A study in Japan showed that people with high cholesterol were more likely to have the plaques that cause Alzheimer’s on their brain.

These are health concerns that we should all be addressing anyway for their own merit. An overall, non-sedentary healthy lifestyle decreases the risk of numerous chronic diseases that lessen the quality of life. As difficult as it is for those of us who have lived the majority of our adult lives with poor eating and exercise habits that have contributed to our nation’s obesity epidemic, it will only get harder as we age. The question becomes, how do we turn it around? What statistic/event/crisis will change our individual ways of thinking to take the necessary steps to living not just a long life, but a well life?

Regardless of best intentions, we still face the future statistics and how we are going to care for one another. Nursing home, assisted living and home care agencies continue to increase in numbers, and it is important to have experience on your side to determine the best course of action for you or your loved one. A Geriatric Care Manager will bring the knowledge and expertise needed to develop the desired long-term care plan that is appropriate for your family’s needs.

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