How to Select an Agency When Hiring In-Home Help

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How to Select an Agency When Hiring In-Home Help
Excerpted from The Comfort of Home: A Complete Guide for CaregiversTM

  • Interview several agencies.
  • Get references and CHECK THEM.
  • Make a list of services you want and ask the agency what it will cost.
  • Ask what the steps are in the care planning and management process and how long each will take.
  • Find out how and when you can contact the care manager.
  • Find out if the agency has a system for sending a substitute (stand-in) aide if the regular one doesn’t show up.
  • Ask if the agency will replace the aide if that aide and the person in care do not get along.
  • Ask about the skills and ongoing training of personnel.
  • Do they have staff especially trained to work with dementia?
  • Ask how they keep track of the quality of services.
  • Ask for the services needed by the person in care, even if the insurance company is trying to hold down costs.
  • Be aware that if a social service agency is providing the care services, they may limit you to only the services that they provide.
  • Ask them to tell you about any referral-fee agreements they may have with nursing homes or other care facilities.
  • Know what you have to do to lodge complaints against the agency with the state ombudsman or long-term-care office.
  • Get in touch with the local/state Division for Aging Services to check for complaints against a particular agency.

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