Is Your City Ready for the Rising Elder Population?

Our largest generation is now becoming our oldest population. Cities across the nation are facing many logistical problems with the aging baby boomer population. Within the next couple of decades, transportation, housing and medical care are going to become substantial issues for this country. Thanks to medical advancements, we are living longer and in many ways suffering less from chronic conditions. As we live longer, though, it is incredibly important that we are able to live safely.

Specific needs that need to be addressed may be different for each city. With aging drivers, will roadways need to change? Will more types of housing need to be made available, such as assisted living communities or nursing facilities? For those with chronic conditions that require care, are there enough professional caregivers available to meet the rising needs? With those remaining independently at home, are they going to have the resources to maintain the home and keep it up to code?

Additional problems that we will all face will be the rising numbers of those who will suffer from Alzheimer’s. The numbers are expected to rise 2 to 3 times higher than the current numbers of 5-6 million. The latest statistics from The Alzheimer’s Association show that currently 1 in 7 Alzheimer’s patients live alone with no identifiable caregiver. This exposes them to a high risk of neglect, malnutrition, wandering and accidental death as opposed to those who do not live alone.

Alzheimer’s as well costs much more to treat, because a higher level of care is required. The demand for caregivers will rise, and we do not know yet if the demand will able to be met. A point inevitably comes when Alzheimer’s patients require round the clock care.

Though localities themselves will have to begin the process of planning for the upcoming population shift, individually we must plan as well so that we and our loved ones are able to live out our lives the way that we want to, maintaining independence and dignity. A most valuable resource for families caring for elderly loved ones is a Geriatric Care Manager. We provide vast knowledge and resources to insure that individual elder care is the best that it can be. Whether or not the towns across our country are prepared, we can help you be prepared to meet all the needs you may require

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