How to Handle Difficult Behaviors

Family caregivers struggle everyday with challenges. Such challenges may include a person who refuses to bathe, refuses to accept help, is argumentative, angry and more. The following article from provides many tips to prevent additional stress for the caregiver and the one being cared for.

How to Handle Difficult Behaviors

These 15 behaviors can challenge any family caregiver.

Won’t Bathe

Modesty, privacy feels invaded, dislikes bathing aide, uncomfortable (too cold, afraid of water), feels unsafe (afraid of falling), had a prior bad experience, dementia makes him or her unaware of need to bathe or forgetful about basic hygiene

What to do:

  • Start by asking in a friendly, nonaccusatory way, “Why not?” That will give you insights into how you can help. Fear of falling down? Water too hot or cold? A lack of awareness of his or her hygiene (could flag dementia)?
  • Make sure the bathing process is comfortable, in a warm, safety-proofed bathroom that includes a shower chair and grip rails.
  • Provide as much modesty and privacy as possible. It may be time to switch from showers to baths, or from baths to sponge-bathing. Allow the person to remain partially clothed (or robed) if that’s more comfortable.
  • Allow the person as much control over the process as possible; take care not to “baby.” As much as is reasonable, let your loved one choose how to bathe.
  • Find out how to help someone with Alzheimer’s who refuses to bathe.

Won’t use walker or cane

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