Keeping Seniors Connected

Meet our client “Len” who at 88, uses a clean simple computer interface to Skype and email his family. He loves it!

Technology today is incredible. When out and about, it seems as though more people than not are utilizing smart phones, giving them access at all times email and the internet (and of course the phone itself.) Seniors tend to lag behind when it comes to the latest gadgets available. Studies continue to show that seniors who are disconnected socially suffer more often from depression, memory loss and general poor health. How, then, can the technology of today help with keeping seniors engaged?

Communicating With Loved Ones

Many families maintain long-distance relationships. For children with aging parents who may live states away, it can be difficult to determine how they are doing over the phone. For seniors with computer access, Skype can be a wonderful tool to utilize. Calls between Skype users are free as long as you and the person you want to call and talk to have a free account set up. Connecting through the Internet with Skype allows for a visual connection with your loved ones. Being able to see the person who you are talking with makes a big difference in determining how someone is truly doing. Does the way they sound correspond with the way they look? More importantly, being able to see your loved ones, particularly young grandchildren you may not see as often as you wish, can bring joy, thereby reducing feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Staying Up To Date With Current Events

More and more, print media is falling victim to the Internet. News from across the world travels almost instantly through the World Wide Web. For an elder generation who used to read the daily paper without fail, their morning ritual has becoming thinner and thinner, consisting mainly of advertisements and coupons. Magazines as well are beginning to provide much of their content and subscriptions online, leading to the inevitable end to their print copies as well. Staying connected to current events and news makes having a computer or a tablet such as an iPad an important consideration. And speaking of tablets, for those seniors who are suffering from vision loss and impairment may find that they can read again with the aid of such a device because the font type can be enlarged, even more so than large type print editions or with a magnifier.

Managing Finances

Virtually all banks and many investment firms provide access online to accounts. Even Social Security has started doing auto-deposits, doing away with paper checks. The benefit to checking in on accounts online is that seniors or their families can verify that everything is intact, and that they have not been scammed in some way. By checking in online you can catch problems or discrepancies much quicker than paper statements that come only once per month. All banking institutions have safety protocols in place to insure that your online banking practices are completely secure. There are safeguards in place that your bank in particular can teach you to make sure only you are logging on to your account. Online banking is also an easy way for a trusted loved one who lives far away to check on your accounts in real time as well.

Sometimes the details of life can become overwhelming for seniors. When this happens, Advocare’s Care Management services are available to help. Whether assisting with mail, helping to pay bills, or coordinating meal delivery, Care Management services allow seniors to remain independent in their own home as long as possible. To learn more, contact Advocare at 888-615-1818, or visit our website at

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