When Alzheimer’s Affects Sleep

Sleep is an important factor to anyone’s general health and well-being. For those with Alzheimer’s, sleeplessness and wandering at night is a significant side effect that can exacerbate the already debilitating changes that are taking place. Below are some good tips that may help to improve the sleep for someone suffering with Alzheimer’s. Thanks for visiting Advocare of South Florida.

Some people with Alzheimer’s disease– characterized by a loss of brain tissue — have trouble sleeping and/or nighttime wandering.

The National Sleep Foundation suggests how to improve sleep in people with Alzheimer’s:

  • Make sure the sleep environment is as cool and dark as possible.
  • Create a consistent schedule of waking and going to bed.
  • Expose the person with Alzheimer’s to bright light soon after waking.
  • As bedtime nears, keep lighting dim.
  • Establish regular and simple routines to complete daily chores.
  • Make sure the home environment is safe — with no knives, guns or matches in reach.
  • Keep a relatively busy schedule of activities.
  • Get some daily exercise.

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