How to Use Care When Hiring a Caregiver

Adult son out for a walk with his father, who has alzheimers disease.Hiring a Geriatric Care Manager to oversee the care of a loved one is ideal, and can assist in providing oversight and knowledge of area companies and caregivers. Advocare’s Provider Network consists of a select group of the top licensed and insured home care agencies and nurse registries in South Florida.  We personally know the owners of each and every one of these agencies and have access to reach them 24 hours per day if necessary. The following article offers more insight into the types of caregiving available, and how to get the hiring process started. 

When her 90-year-old father wanted to remain active and continue living in his own Los Angeles-area home, Tobi Rosen hired a caregiver with the help of a care manager from a geriatric care management firm.

Rosen says she chose to go with a professional after taking care of her father herself. “Once we hired the caregiver, my dad and I had a better, more rewarding relationship,” says Rosen.

Rosen says the agency helped her find the right person to assist with shopping, meal preparation, personal care and transportation. What made it even more rewarding was the relationship that developed between her father and his caregiver.

“They became instant friends, buddies and companions. I know my dad’s life was enriched because of his caregiver,” she says.

Estimates from a 2012 Pew Research Center study place the amount of individuals in this country who serve as caregivers for other adults at about 36 percent. Nearly 4 in 10 adult Americans take care of a loved one with significant health issues.

As baby boomers age, the number of adults who need some type of assistance will continue to rise. That leaves families facing difficult decisions, such as: Will you (and do you want to) provide this care yourself? Many will choose to hire a caregiver through a geriatric care manager, or GCM, or by finding someone on their own.

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