Traveling With Family Members With Dementia

11travellingwithdementiaBy Amy Seigel, RN, CRRN, Certified Care Manager

For seniors with dementia, family gatherings can be a wonderful way for those with mild dementia to re-connect with family members. 

Here are some helpful tips for traveling with a parent or relative with dementia:

START SMALL – Travel through noisy busy airports can be very confusing and a source of anxiety to your parent with dementia.  Try a short road trip first to see how your mother fares.

BE PREPARED – Make sure to organize and pack sufficient medication and supplies such as incontinence briefs for the duration of the trip.  Bring extra in case of delays.

GIVE STANDBY SUPPORT – Be at your mother’s arm to reassure and gently prompt her regarding places or family members, if she may not remember.  “Oh Mom, look here, isn’t it amazing how good your cousin Patricia looks.”

HAVE A CONTINGENCY PLAN – Be prepared in the event that your mother feels that this is all just too much for her.  She may be fine at the wedding, but not at the reception with loud music and commotion.  Consider having a caregiver such as a family friend on call to spend time with her quietly at home or in the hotel just in case.  This way, you’ll know that you won’t miss your opportunity to enjoy your time with your family.

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