8 Ways Physical Therapy Can Benefit Seniors’ Health

11physicaltherapyPhysical therapy is becoming more and more recognized as being a key factor in senior health. Read below for the specifics and thank you for visiting Advocare of South Florida. 

Physical therapists are professionals within the health care field, who specifically tend to medical issues that limit someone’s movements and physical abilities in daily life. Historically seen as something of a separate health care field, more and more, physical therapy is being viewed as integral to the treatment and restoration of anyone who has been sick or injured.

When it comes to senior care, physical therapy has been shown to be incredibly useful, both as a tool to help someone recover from illness, injury, or stroke, and as a tool that aids in the prevention of physical ailments, falls, and the like. Here are eight ways physical therapy can benefit senior’s health, from preventing falls to improving cognition.


Falling is one of the biggest dangers the elderly face, and not just because the fall itself may result in physical damage and pain, but because a fall can set in motion a host of other problems that an aging body may not be adequately equipped to defend against. According to the National Council on Aging, one in three seniors fall each year — a statistic that could be dramatically reduced if more seniors engaged in regular physical therapy. Physical therapy can improve functionality and flexibility of aging joints and muscles. Especially after a hospital stay, which often leads to decreased strength and balance, seniors need physical therapy to protect against falls.

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