Taking Care of Elderly Parents Across State Lines

11statelinesThe decision to stay and age in place at home or transition to assisted living is often one that is difficult to make. Even more so for those who are taking care of aging parents across state lines because, among other things, there are logistical concerns and, quite often, feelings of guilt to contend with as well.

You love your parents, but you have your own life to deal with – and all the responsibilities that go along with it. You have your own career, children of your own, and a house to care for. If your parents live far away, it can add to the challenge of finding the best care for your parents as their health care needs become more complex. This is where a transition care management professional becomes your best friend.

Making the Hard Call Easier

Some people in your shoes have a more difficult time coming to terms with the evolving needs of aging parents. You want to view your parents as invincible and able to tackle whatever life presents them with, right? However, it sometimes becomes necessary for your parents to have help dealing with the day-to-day issues of living and health so that they can maintain maximum independence and quality of life.

Seniors living on their own have concerns that go well beyond medical and health issues. At times, they are targeted for cons and scams as well as theft of money, medication, and other crimes. There is a great deal of security that comes from living in a well-managed independent or assisted living facility that they do not have when living on their own.

Then there are the day to day money management concerns. Some medications and health conditions can leave your parents feeling confused about whether certain bills were paid and pride or embarrassment will leave them unwilling to ask for help when these tasks start to slip between the cracks.

Having someone to help with the details of paying bills, managing medications, and coordinating transportation to and from important events or activities (church, charity work, doctors appointments, etc.) can be critical for helping your parents maintain independence.

There’s also the social benefit as well. There is a strong sense of community in assisted living facilities among residents who are able to socialize with people their ages who have many things in common.

The Benefits of Getting Help from a Transition Care Management Team

A good transition care management team involves a wide range of professionals including nurses, social workers, and life care planning professionals. They become advocates for your parents so that you can feel confident that your parents are being properly cared for even if you can’t be there to vet the facilities yourself. This becomes especially beneficial, if say, your parent has retired to South Florida, but you live in upstate New York.

The peace of mind that comes with knowing your elderly parents have an advocate on their side — when you can’t be by their side. The benefits of engaging South Florida senior services when caring for elderly parents across state lines include working with people who have extensive training at these tasks and the confidence that your parents have knowledgeable advocates working on their behalf.

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