5 Household Adjustments Needed Prior to Home Care

orange_houseAdvocare’s Home Care Management services transform the experience of finding, screening, and hiring in-home caregivers in South Florida. Below is a helpful article that can give you an idea of some of the home modifications that may be necessary should home care be the preferred choice for you and your aging parents. 

When you are providing in home care, it’s important that you consider how this will impact your caree, you, your family, and especially the home where you will be providing care. Whether you are providing care in your home or in the home of the person receiving care, you will need to make sure that certain adjustments are made to ensure safety and quality.

Ample Entry/Exit Access to the Home

If the person needing care is in a wheelchair or other device to get around more easily, you will want to make sure that the dimensions to enter and exit the main part of the house are able to accommodate them. Most doorways designed for wheelchair access require between 32 to 36 inches in width.

You will also need to account for any steps into and out of the home. It may be necessary for you to provide ramps so those using a wheelchair, scooter-like devices or walkers can easily enter and exit the home. For those individuals who are more mobile, you may want to consider installing railings for enhanced security and safety.

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