Dementia Caregiving – Making Family Outings Work for Everyone

elderlyHere are some great ideas for family outings that do not call attention to dementia!  Read below and thank you for visiting us at Advocare of South Florida. We provideTransitional Care Management to area seniors.

A dementia diagnosis unfortunately still holds a stigma for many family caregivers. They don’t want people to know about the dementia in their family or worry about what others might think if they were aware.

For that reason, family caregivers may begin to shy away from their usual events, social circles and time spent out in the community — things they enjoy in life.

Many seniors are being diagnosed earlier in the disease progression, when they can offer their opinions and desires about how they would like their life to take its future course.

These seniors want to know about their diagnosis and have opinions regarding how they want to interact with their community, how active they want to be, and what things they look forward to engaging in while they can and even after their memories begin to fade.

They are sharing these decisions with family caregivers.

Seniors with dementia are deciding if keeping the secret and not participating in life is what they want to do for themselves and their family caregivers.

There are ways family caregivers can continue to enjoy their lives as we live and care for a person with dementia. We should continue to be active participants in the larger community, not only to stimulate our senior with dementia but also to give them opportunities for physical activity and socialization.

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