The Montessori Method for Alzheimer’s Care

puzzledmindDid you think Montessori methods were only for children?  Read more about Montessori for Alzheimer’s patients below and thank you for visiting us at Advocare of South Florida. We provideTransitional Care Management to area seniors.

Dr. Montessori believed devoutly (as do we) that every person deserves to be treated with respect and compassion. She encourages us to celebrate each person’s individual gifts.

He first stacked the pink tower cubes from the largest to the smallest, very slowly and carefully placing the smallest cube right in the center on top. He leaned back and smiled at this accomplishment. Then the pink tower was carefully dismantled and, to our amazement, reassembled upside down! 

This time the smallest cube became the supporting base as the painstaking task of building the tower upside down rose before our eyes. Once again, the smile of great satisfaction lit up his face. Our faces must have reflected the absolute astonishment we felt watching Pastor Pat, a man living with both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, build and re-build the pink tower with such control and such concentration.

However, our astonishment grew even greater as we watched this man rise from his chair and walk unassisted across the room. The aides ran to give him a supporting hand, but he waved them away, walking ramrod straight and with great purpose.

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