5 Ways the Elderly Can Hide Dementia Symptoms

senior_man_and_woman_on_park_bench.jpgEven if they can’t remember everything they can still be good at hiding it! Thank you for visiting us at Advocare. We provide Aging Life CareTM to area residents throughout the South Florida area. 

 Alzheimer’s and Dementia are scary diseases that slowly steal a person’s identity and personality; the very traits that make them who they are as individuals. No one wants to lose themselves to this heart wrenching and brain-destroying disease, which is why denial, changing the subject or compensating for symptoms is quite common.

5 Ways the Elderly Can Hide Dementia

The signs of dementia can be subtle at first. Mom gets disoriented or has trouble recalling certain words, or Dad forgets to pay the bills. If your aging parent or loved one is showing persistent memory loss, it’s a warning you should not ignore, because it could be more than a “senior moment.” There is even a condition called anosognosia, a lack of awareness of impairment, that may affect your parent when there is damage to the part of the brain that affects perception of one’s own illness.

Getting treatment for the problem can help slow down the disease progression, and even completely treat some forms of dementia. So, it is important to understand the ways that the elderly can hide dementia symptoms:

1. Refusing to participate in an activity they once loved.

Refusal to do a chore, play a game that was once simple, or try something new can signify a problem. Mom or Dad may be having trouble remembering how to do activities that were once second-nature, which makes learning new information even more difficult.

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