Take a Vacation from Being a Caregiver


With a Plan in Place, You Can Take a Vacation from Caregiving Duties

Not taking time away from caregiving responsibilities can lead to bigger problems – caregiver burnout, stress, or poor health. With some extra planning and help, you can take a break from your caregiver role. Aging Life Care™ experts offer these tips to help make sure your loved one is safe and comfortable while you are away:

1. In-Home Caregivers: If there is not another family member or trusted friend or neighbor to fill in for you, connect with an Aging Life Care Professional™ who can help arrange for in-home care, monitoring, or transportation needs. Many Aging Life Care Professionals offer 24/7 service and can serve as an emergency contact while you are away. Depending on the individual’s needs, paid caregivers can assist with activities of daily living – bathing, dressing, mobility, meal preparations, house cleaning, or transportation. If you plan on using a paid caregiver, spend time getting the caregiver and your loved one familiar and comfortable with each other and to be sure it is a good match.

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