Superior Elder Services in South Florida: Help for Elderly Parents

Superior elder services are available in South Florida, but you have to know what the key factors are to consider before you begin to search for the best help for your elderly parents. The effects of aging are both physical and psychosocial, and there are some essential factors to think about regarding the welfare of our elderly South Florida relatives, especially when in home care is finally necessary. On a basic level, you need to know if your elderly relatives can handle things like self-feeding, functional mobility, getting dressed, bathing/showering, and practicing personal and toilet hygiene.

When choosing superior elder services to help your elderly parents in South Florida, you want to make sure you work with a reputable business that has certified case managers and certified rehabilitation RN and care managers who are trained in both medical and psychosocial issues. Chances are, you will have superior elder services with a company that has at least 10 years or more of experience and excellent reviews for providing the best elder care in the industry. 

Finding care managers that have more expertise and are medically focused than the “average” care manager means checking out and reviewing if they have an impeccable track record. Always read the client comments – including the many medical professionals who choose elder services in South Florida to manage their elderly care. 

When it comes to help for elderly parents and relatives in South Florida, the bottom line is that you want comprehensive support. You want to make sure that you hire elder services that can manage everything from medications to proper administration. Superior elder service means finding a company that will do things like:

  • Coordinate the efforts of multiple physicians
  • Support you on a diverse range of issues from spot checks at home or facility
  • Hurricane planning
  • Finding other reliable professionals in the area such as elder attorneys, physicians, transportation, and bill payers
  • Provide personal advocacy and liaisons for continuity of care
  • And so much more

In this day and age, it is even more vital that elder services in South Florida know how to help you to maximize government and insurance benefits, to obtain the maximum amount of Medicare resources to pay for care, as well as evaluate and apply Veteran and Medicaid benefits. 

South Florida is a big state, so rather than working with a company that is spread out all over the map you will really want local care managers to help with your elderly parents. In addition, these days, top-of-the-line technology is now available to provide seamless continuum of care. There are things like Virtual Medical Charts that documents all time, activity, and case notes – so the elder services will be able to be accountable to you for detail of any services.  

Lastly, make sure you work with elder services with care managers who will always keep you informed by phone or email about help for your elderly parents and relatives. Make sure they are available for emergencies 24/7 for crisis intervention and support at home, ER, or hospital. 

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