When Problems Escalate, You Can Hire An Expert – NYT Article about Geriatric Care Managers
This article provides a good general overview of the role of professional geriatric care managers.
Excerpt: “This week, I am writing about what to do when you feel the situation calls for the equivalent of a case worker. Happily, such case workers can be found. They are called geriatric care managers.
Yes, you must pay these professionals out of your own pocket…But a good care manager can buy you time and some peace of mind so you can concentrate on your job, your family and your own health.
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Long Term Care Hospitals Face Little Scrutiny – NYT Article about Specialty Hospitals
This article provides and understanding of smaller, specialty hospitals – in many cases we find these can be invaluable South Florida elder care resources in dealing with complex medical issues.
Excerpt: “Fewer than 10 hospitals dedicated to long-term care existed in the early 1980s, according to Medicare officials. But many such hospitals have sprouted since then, driven by Medicare rules that offer high payments for hospitals that treat patients for an average of 25 days or more.”
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Deciding on Care for Elderly Parents in Declining Health – NYT Article
This article provides a good general primer to assist in the struggle to make the right decisions for elder parents.
Excerpt: So began my family’s crash course in caring for an aging parent in declining health. If you’re in this predicament, you know already there is no simple answer. Older people each have unique medical and emotional needs. And finances often dictate how far you can go in creating the ideal situation for them.
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